Welcome to B&B Ceder10. De Ceder does not only welcome and spoil you in its restaurant… At Ceder10, you enter a whole new world which is just as tasteful and hospitable. In 2015, Katrijn and Frederick opened their own B&B adjacent to the restaurant. Quality materials and earth tones form the basis of a minimalist interior that invites you to enjoy a weekend away from home in style. Frederick and Katrijn run both the restaurant and the B&B independently. You will be offered breakfast with local ánd homemade products: just imagine crispy, homemade bread and fresh dairy products from a farm nearby. It will be the perfect start for an exploration of the countless bicycle paths and walking trails at the polders next to the Scheldt. That is yet another thing Ceder10 offers: a sleeping experience in a beautiful nature reserve, within an inch of Antwerp. We hope to see you soon! Frederick and Katrijn Schaffrath-Camerlinck, Marie and Juul. 



Stefaan Camerlinck became First and Best Sommelier of Belgium 2005-2006 and won the silver medal at the World Championship South African Wines (October 2010). Fine dining goes hand in hand with fine wines. De Ceder will unfold a map with tastes from around the world, especially for you. Do not expect a reference book with highfalutin names, but instead enjoy a carefully put together selection, offered by Stefaan Camerlinck, renowned sommelier and Katrijn’s brother. He looks for typical and authentic products that stand out because of their high quality. It is nice to try a very special wine sometimes, but there’s nothing like a beautiful wine that is also affordable. Wine is and will always be a personal experience. If you have any questions about one of our – or one of your – wines, then we will gladly make time for you. Tell us what you like to drink and Stefaan will find a wine that matches your taste.

Enjoy a wonderful trip around the world through our wine menu!

Stefaan Camerlinck; sommelier

Proef de sfeer


We are looking for…

  • someone who is very motivated, a true team-player and very passionate about the catering and wine world.

Full-time waiter/sommelier m/f,



Door werken aan de Burchtstraat is de N419 onderbroken. (baan vanaf de E17 richting Kruibeke)
Wij raden jullie aan om de wegomlegging te volgen en niet de gps, anders zal u verloren rijden wegens aangepaste richtingen en éenrichtingsverkeer.

Komende van Temse via Steendorp en Bazel of via Beveren is er geen omleiding.