Fresh products, prepared with love for our trade and served with a smile. At De Ceder, the culinary project of chef Frederick Schaffrath and hostess Katrijn Camerlinck, the food will whet your appetite. The couple will tempt all your senses with refined French-Belgian cuisine with a modern touch. They prepare everything themselves, from the bread on the table to the biscuits served with your cup of coffee. Frederick grew up around meat in his grandfather’s butcher’s shop before he broadened his horizons in one of the most renowned restaurants in Belgium. That’s where Katrijn and he met. In 2004, they took over Katrijn’s parents’ business, which they had started many years ago. Today, you can taste their ambition, passion and capacities in a completely renewed restaurant, celebrated for its pure yet affordable food. In 2015, Frederick and Katrijn added their B&B Ceder10 to their restaurant, because what’s better than to enjoy a stay in a tasty environment?

Culinary greetings,
Frederick and Katrijn Schaffrath-Camerlinck



Stefaan Camerlinck became First and Best Sommelier of Belgium 2005-2006 and won the silver medal at the World Championship South African Wines (October 2010). Fine dining goes hand in hand with fine wines. De Ceder will unfold a map with tastes from around the world, especially for you. Do not expect a reference book with highfalutin names, but instead enjoy a carefully put together selection, offered by Stefaan Camerlinck, renowned sommelier and Katrijn’s brother. He looks for typical and authentic products that stand out because of their high quality. It is nice to try a very special wine sometimes, but there’s nothing like a beautiful wine that is also affordable. Wine is and will always be a personal experience. If you have any questions about one of our – or one of your – wines, then we will gladly make time for you. Tell us what you like to drink and Stefaan will find a wine that matches your taste.

Enjoy a wonderful trip around the world through our wine menu!

Stefaan Camerlinck; sommelier

Taste the atmosphere


We are looking for…

  • someone who is very motivated, a true team-player and very passionate about the catering and wine world.

Full-time waiter/sommelier m/f,

Beste Klant,

Wegens het coranavirus zijn het restaurant en de B&B helaas gesloten en dit tot nader order.

Alle gemaakte reservaties in het restaurant worden bij deze automatisch geannuleerd.

U kan ook voorlopig geen reservaties voor het restaurant of de B&B maken via de site of telefonisch, dit tot we meer weten wat de maatregelen zijn voor het verdere verloop wat betreft de horeca.

Ondertussen zitten we niet stil en bieden wij op vrijdag en zaterdag een 4-gangenmenu en enkele à la carte gerechten aan. Je kan deze bestellen via onze bestelmodule. Volg ook zeker onze facebookpagina want daar posten we wat het menu precies zal zijn.

Hopelijk mogen we jullie binnenkort terug gezond en wel in ons restaurant verwelkomen, wij kijken er alvast naar uit!

Vele groetjes Katrijn, Frederick en het ganse ceder-team.